Desktop Application

We make your life easier

Print and upload documents from any application directly to Varias Sign Solution through our printer driver. And can be easily integrated into existing system or application in your company.

Using the application for the first time

Access the VARIAS website, then go to the edit user information page and create a password for your account.
After creating a password, you can use desktop application immediately.

*Attention: Only users logged in with Facebook, Google or Microsoft, you need to create a password to access.

Upload documents via printing

You can upload documents to VARIAS by printing from any application via printer driver. Make sure the application is running and select the printer 'Varias Sign Printer'. As soon as the printing is complete, application will open a document upload window and a signature can be created immediately.

Automatically generate signatures using XML format

Can create XML format for location and information of signature hidden in the document. After uploaded the document to VARIAS, system will automatically generate signatures on the document according to the data defined in XML format.


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