Desktop-Application VARIAS

Why using the Desktop-App?

    • Print from any application direct to the Sign-Solution
    • Integrates easy with existing solutions/applications in your company
    • Can process hidden information in the document to automatically place the signatures and pre-fill them with the customer’s data


How to install Desktop-Application from VARIAS

How to use the application

    • Download installer SetupVariasSignApp.msi to your PC
    • Install the application
    • Start the Application ‘Varias Unterschrift’ and log in
    • Now you can use the printer ‘Varias Unterschriftsdrucker’ to print direct from any application

Using the application for the first time

    • Click on your name on the VARIAS website and clicking Profile will bring up a new page for you to edit your personal information.
    • Select the ‘Password’ menu and create a password for your user account. Then save the password.
    • The webpage will show you on more password field, you have successfully created a password for you user account and have access to the desktop application.

*Attention: Only for VARIAS website users by log in via Facebook / Google / Microsoft. You need to create a password to access the desktop application.

Sample Desktop-Application VARIAS


Features available only on the Desktop-Application from VARIAS

Can upload documents through printing from any application

    You can upload documents to VARIAS by printing from any application. Make sure that the application is running and print to the printer ‘Varias Unterschriftsdrucker’. As soon as the printing is finished the application will open the document in a new window.

Document upload window

Automatically set signatures with hidden information inside the Document

    The most important feature of the Desktop-Application is that you can prepare templates in the software of your choice (for creating contracts etc.), where a configuration is hidden that holds all information about the signer (name, phone number, email, etc..)  and the position where the signature should be placed. So the process of signing documents can be fully automated, and therefore less error prone and more convenient.

     Below you see an example Document, which you also can download and try for your self. In the production use, the fontsize can be 1px and the font-color can be white, so the information is invisible to the human eye.

     *Attention: After positioning is complete, the color of the text and the formatting border should be changed to white.


Files for Desktop-Application VARIAS

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