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Just only 1 account will connect your whole organization.

If you or your corporate is busy submitting document for signatures both within the corporate or outsider, but the document signing process was delayed. Because executives or anyone who has the authority to sign the document may have to travel, be on a mission or cannot come to the office became the document had to halted. This may lead to loss of trade opportunities, delays in management and may affect the image of the organization.

With our solution, you can send documents to executives, employee or outsider that have to sign your documents within 5 minutes.
No matter where they are.

Signed documents anywhere with internet connection
Signers will be notified instantly via SMS and Email
Can be easily signed with mobile or touchscreen device
Document will delivered to all signers after the last signature has been added

*The signer not need to install any application.

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Just upload the document to be signed as a PDF to the server.

*If you’re using the desktop application, you can upload documents from any application via printer driver.

Just set position to sign on the document and fill the signer information. You can determine notify to the signer by SMS, Email and you can require the signer to read the document first or send the document to the signer after all signers signed already.

*You can require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card with signed or determine signing order of signer.

Signers will be notification according to your preference and signers can read and signed immediately just click link in the message.

*If you determine signing order of signer, signer will be notification after all signers in previous order signed already.

Signers can be signed easily with their mobile, computer or touchscreen device in less than 1 minute.

*If you require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card, system will automatically asked to take a photo of ID-Card as soon as signed the document already.

When all signers signed the document already, system will be notification automatically or you can track a status of the document and signatures all time in the dashboard. Just now digital signatures will be easy for you.

*If you require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card, new page containing a photo of ID-Card and signature on the page will appended to the document after last page.

Our system recorded all possible information of the signer and signature then hide them encrypted in the PDF document, so the can be extracted later even after you deleted the document from our server.

– Time
– Location
– IP-Address
– Information of browser (Including the model of mobile)
– Detailed signature information (Including pressure, velocity etc.)

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