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     Are you a busy insurance agent and need a power of attorney to register a car for your customer? No problem! With our solution, you have the customer’s signature on your document within 5 minutes, no matter where the customer is.

  • Sign any Document or Contract online
  • Signers are informed instantly per SMS or Email
  • Signers can put their signatures easy with their mobile phone *Without the need to install any application
  • Signed contract is delivered to all signers after the last signature has been added.

How does it work?

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1. Upload Contract as PDF

2. Mark the spot where your partners have to put their signatures

     Here you can choose if you want to deliver the contract to the signer as SMS or Email, and you can also require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card.

3. The Contract will now be delivered to all signers and they can EASY sign on their mobile phone.

     *If you also require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card, the signer is automatically asked to take a photo of his ID-Card as soon as he signed the document.

4. Check status

     In our easy to use cockpit you can see the status of all documents and signatures in detail.

5. Finished

     As soon as all signers signed the contract the final contract will be deliverd to all signers, so everybody get their copy of the contract with all signatures.

     The signatures will be places in the document and additional the PDF will be digitally sealed. Subsequent changes are no longer possible. In this case, all signatures would automatically become invalid

    *If you also require the signer to attach a photo of ID-Card, As you can see in the Image of the resulting PDF below this. A new Page will be appended to the PDF containing a Picture of the ID-Card and an additional Signature on that page.

Signature Information

     We record all possible information about the signer and even hide them encrypted in the PDF document, so the can be extracted later, even after you deleted the document from our server.

    • Time
    • IP-Address
    • Information about Browser (Including the Model of Mobile-Phone)
    • Location
    • Detailed Information about the Signature, including Pressure etc.

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