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Varias was presented in broadcast live via Facebook by ‘สื่อศาล’ page in the topic ‘Electronic Signing Systems for Litigation Management. (The Betong Provincial Court)’

     On August 20, 2021 at around 12:59 PM on the page ‘สื่อศาล’, the meeting was broadcast live on the topic ‘Disseminating knowledge and showing good performance in case management innovation via online system’. At this meeting, the discussion of the ‘Betong Provicial Court’ presented on the topic ‘Electronic Signing Systems for Litigation Management’ where Varias was also used in this discussion.      In this regard, we would like to thank the ‘Betong Provincial Court’ very much for believing in and seeing the benefits of using our system and presented to ‘Office of Judicial Affairs’ for consideration and application in the future. Inbox us on Facebook @VariasSignOur website: 02-114-7476 ext. 105

The management team of Atom outsource Co., Ltd. has been invited to attend POWERING DIGITAL THAILAND 2021: HUAWEI CLOUD & CONNECT

     The management team of Atom outsource Co., Ltd. has been invited to attend POWERING DIGITAL THAILAND 2021: HUAWEI CLOUD & CONNECT, the biggest event of Huawei Cloud in 2020 , a show case event , a seminar as well as exhibition and many more activities to display new interesting technologies like AI and 5G which highly related to a digital transformation of Thailand which is certainly coming forth in the near future as announced by all government sectors high-level executives who also been invited as key note speakers. It is clearly stated that a full scale digital transformation in Thailand will be endorsed by the government in every sector of Thailand, for instance, economic activities like manufacturing plant, as well as in Education in the part of institutions and teaching methods.      As a partner of Huawei Cloud, we are pleased to join with Hauwei Cloud together for an optimized customer service with high level technologies which is fast , secure and advanced making our software be the real answer for customers’ need since it is our clear goal since the beginning, we aim to optimize customers’ business and enhance their workflow and ease of business conduction with our smart technology and a true support to the digital age today.Contact us now to see how Varias can make your Work from home experience become much smoother.Inbox us on Facebook @VariasSignFor more information of our product please visit us at our website: 02-114-7476 ext. 105

3 major benefits of using E-Documents

     Now a day, very few people in this world do not use computer for working, almost 100% of document generated today comes from a program like MS word, MS excel, MS powerpoint etc. as well as any other software solution which help you to generate documents faster and much more convenient     All the documents we get from these computer software are called electronic documents, as mentioned prior , almost 100% of all people in the world is creating e-documents every day, if there are this many people doing it , there should be numerous positive side of using e-document, right?     Let’s have a look at 3 major benefits of using electronic signature, shall we?     1. Security – perhaps a lot of people still believe that storing documents online can be risky , printing them out and keep them physically is better, but actually, no. Keeping all files in your computer or even in a shared drive or a cloud can be very secured, if you aren’t granted the permission to those docs, basically, there is no way to access them. In some of the cloud service, they also let you know who came to see and did something with the documents as well. Additionally, there is no risk of your documents being burnt, drown, or destroyed by natural disaster or some sort.     2. Effective management and storage with less resources used for keeping all documents – To print out documents, you will certainly waste many resources which all of them cost you money. Like printer, ink, paper, binders, shelves, desk, room etc. as well as labelling and management can be a big hassle, there is a risk of a mismanagement and a difficulty in access to those documents. If we wish to multiply numbers of the document, a photocopy is also required unlike having a digital file, you can easily duplicate and tidily manage all documents in no time.     3. Easier Access from all parties – with traditional document keeping, to access to those files and documents, it is highly possible that there will be some delays and difficulties especially when you are outside or your office or working remotely with just an internet connection, anyone (with an access to them) can obtain those documents quickly with ease.     Hang on then, if almost 100% of people use electronic documents and why are …

The second wave of COVID-19 has come, numerous European countries have reacted to it already!

     We have to admit that Covid-19 or Corona Virus is one stubborn specie of virus. It is not easily back down and they’ve been with us for almost one year, since the first worldwide lockdown, a phenomena which none of us could imagine seeing in our lifetime, people were locked up at home for weeks or even months for some countries. All of us were expecting a better situation which would come with summer, but now, here it is again, we’ve witnessed a spike on new infected cases, overall cases as well as the total global numbers of death keeps getting higher and higher everyday without any sign of stopping.     Eventually, as of now, many countries in Europe have been in a lockdown again for the second time, 4 days ago Emanuel Macron, the president of France had come out and announced a new quarantine nation-wide, again and it will last until the end of November. Another country in Europe like Germany also implemented a restriction of risky places with closed space like restaurants, bars, theatres, or even gyms and for English, The prime minister, Boris Johnson had also come out and announce a nation-wide lockdown for a second time followed by other European nations like Portugal, Austria and Greece who, likewise, announce a second lockdown but partially.     The struggle has not yet come to an end, what if it happens to Thailand as well? What do we do? At least we have to get prepare in case it is coming back again. To get through this, we will need to work from home again for a while until we can come back to our offices. The best way out is to find a sustainable solution to this problem. Varias can help you with that, by deploying our European quality software, we can help you manage any electronic document totally online, no matter how many people has to sign in that document, with our system, unlimited numbers of signer can be put on that document and it can be done all online with just few clicks, you can manage it all with ease. Additionally, your signature data and every information which can legally prove about validity of those signatures will be keep securely with encryption and no one, not even us can change them, it is totally legit!      Contact us now to see how Varias …

4 Reasons why you should digitize your business.

     There is no doubt that when we look around ourselves, digitization has been crawling around you more and more. In just a couple years, we went from being afraid to buy stuff online to breaking our bank on it. When was the last time you saw a post man riding around carrying a thick stack of signing document coming at your door to request for signature on that sheet of paper? Now everything has to be quick, agile and high-tech. However, it is not only trendy to be technological advanced, there are numerous benefits which come along with adapting innovation to your business, after it has to be beneficial, right? Otherwise nobody is going to do it. Here are 4 reason why you should go digital. 1. Faster workflowThis is actually a certain and most obvious thing resulted from digitization, as they’re all designed to cut out all the hassles which occurred from working , making seamless and easy. Imagine back in the day before computer is created, we have to write everything down and for sure writing one page of paper can take the same amount of time taken to type 4 pages of document on your PC. But now a day, there is more digitization to implemented on your business such as go 100% paperless so your workflow is completely seamless.2. Customer satisfactionWith a better workflow and smoother working process, your productivity is increased hence it affects every single aspect, that includes the enhanced speed of customer service and this is super essential! Remember your customers are the most important part of business, after all, that is where your revenue come from, correct?3. Cost reductionAfter digitization to your business everything will be entirely online and there is no need for some spaces to store some files or some human resources to manage physical stuff anymore. In the end, you will find that your cost of doing business is lower, and that is what everyone is aiming for.4. Market Reputation/inevitable trendNothing is better than getting a reputation of being a modern, high-tech company as well as very easy to do business with or using services and products from. The world trending is going very, very strongly on that way, and It’s inevitable to adapt to those changes, you wouldn’t want to end up being an old, dying out business, would you? With Varias, we aim to assist …

Have you ever felt like taking a vacation but feeling afraid to leave your business for a while?

     This problem is the biggest nuisance to all entrepreneurs and high-level executives. They often work very hard , feeling tired and would love some nice relaxing holidays, however, they simply can’t leave all their responsibility at work behind.      Worry no more! With today’s technology which supports you to be able to work wherever you go, everything will be plainly managed just like you are sitting there in the office, but some parts are actually missing, when it comes to signing important document which requires your signature, you will need a lot of devices to handle them like printer, computer and scanner etc. Or you may have to be back and have them signed manually and that is a big waste of business opportunity because in business, the faster you decide, the better place you will be ahead of your competitors.      Now, there is a software solution which can help you securely manage all of those important documents remotely to let you take vacation with ease and comfort. You can sign your document anywhere even from another side of the world.      With simple features, you can create document, send, sign and store, securely and swiftly with just few clicks on any devices.     Let Varias assist you with your business management and be the answer to your digital transformation in order to catch up with this world’s trend, contact us now.Inbox us on Facebook @VariasSignFor more information of our product please visit us at our website: 02-114-7476 ext. 105

Electronic signature is an important step to Lean Management

     Lean thinking or Lean management focuses on optimizing workflow and processes inside businesses as well as focusing on create values to end customers. The principle of Lean isn’t reducing size of your organization or have some of your employees fired as many have understood. If mentioning the word Lean regarding health and wellness, The whole organization is like your body, your employees are like organs which makes your body functional, if we wish to get healthier, we need to get rid of bad stuff inside our body, not cut out all essential organs, but rather, squeeze out all fat because the benefit of having them is much less than the downside.      That goes the same way with Lean management, the true principle isn’t laying off employees but rather put the best use of what we’ve already had to reach the most optimized stage as well as getting rid of wastes in order to increase the workflow so we can have a seamless working process. There are 7 types of waste in Lean management: 1. Over production 2. Inventory 3. Transportation 4. Motion 5. Over-processing 6. Delay and lastly 7. Defects.      It is clear that we can imagine how better things would be in general if we can reduce all 7 wastes without having to get into details of it. The workflow will be much faster and smooth which will result in faster manufacturing processes ,and in the end it will enhance customer’s satisfaction rate as we produce less defects and are able to deliver in time which eventually, the cost will be reduced. The implementation of electronic signature can eliminate 4 out of 7 wastes, since it first reducing internal transportation (it also means transportation of documents) , reducing unnecessary movement regarding document signing (Trust me, there are lots of movement involved in this) , all the movement will create a bottleneck in a process which will cause delays as it’s not easy to have all signers in the office to wait around just to sign your documents.      Hence, by giving an electronic signature solution a try, you will discover that your workflow and working process would be much quickly, seamless as well as efficient to all of departments of your organization, let’s use technological intelligent to help our lives better together now. For more information of our product please visit us …

Allow us to introduce another new spectacular feature of Varias Sign, a great benefit to all organization with multi-level management.

Let’s imagine a picture of one important piece of document in an organization, with a glance, you will see that when it comes to important documents, there will be requirements of multiple signature from many levels of management. Normally, if you still have to print out this document and hunt for those signatures from more than one managers, the task could be laborious. Moreover, you can not just skip to the third level with having the first one sign before and you know how difficult it is to have all high level executives stay in that office at the same time since they have to mobilize here and there almost around the clock. Some fix this problem by sending the document by email, however, the managers have to print out and sign and scan it back, send it to you, you have to send it to another level of executive, how inconvenient and time consuming! Is it better to have a smart solution to manage that all for you in just on click? With Varias Sign, you can simply choose which signer is at first, second and third level, and that’s all. Varias Sign will intelligently conduct all the hassle for you with full automation sending from the first signer to another. All you have to do is select, send and wait.Let this precious innovation help optimizing your business you can save time and money with efficient workflow. Contact us and we can show you how this software can help changing your life and business for the better!  For more information of our product please  visit us at our website:  Email:  Tel. 02-114-7476 ext. 105

With Varias Sign, work from home could never get easier.

     The second wave of Covid-19 lock down is drawing near, at least in Europe, it is happening again at the moment. However, with Varias Sigh Solution, your work will flow just like sitting in the office. You can sign any documents at anytime, anywhere and send it to anyone. All that requires is just a device (such as mobile phone, tablet , computer) and an internet connection and with just a few clicks, you can sign your document with ease. No, it doesn’t get any easier!  Come and learn more about how you can make your work easier  Please come by  at our website:  Email:  Tel. 02-114-7476 ext. 105

Introducing a new feature of Varias Sign. A great feature developed from our customer request, Identity card verification.

   One of the things which interrupts the flow of electronic signing is that there is a requirement to send a photocopy of a national Identification card (ID card) along with a contract or important transactions. One thing here that we need to help you avoid is having a scanner or having to take a photo and make it like a photocopy and then type to approve that it is correct.We present to you the new feature, the ID card identification which activates your device camera and you can snap a shot of your ID card or your picture to as well as signing to confirm the validity of it at the same time from just one click. Imagine how easy that would be and how it saves you from hassles and all headaches. Your time are the most valuable thing because we know you have an important business to run. Let us make your life better and easier. For more information of our product please  visit us at our website:  Email:  Tel. 02-114-7476 ext. 105